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365 Days Fitness: 6 Reasons Swimming Should Be Year Round

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity in the United States and an exceptional way to get regular aerobic physical activity. Swimming can lead to improved health for people coupled with increase mortality.

Even though it is frequently associated with summer, swimming is a physical activity many people can enjoy all year long. Davis says, “With the children back to school, parents are busy multi-tasking, feeling stressed and probably not exercising like they should. Swimming is the ultimate exercise to stave off chronic illness, increase mental acumen, stay fit and will not compromise the muscles and joints.”

1. Make it last forever

Each time you jump into the water you will savor a bit of the summer and smile.

2. Heat is on

Swimming pools are heated indoors which makes the workout more therapeutic.

3. Banish your fear

If you dread the water, the pool is less crowded in the fall/winter and you can take private lessons.

4. Family fun

Make it the ultimate play date with mom, dad and the kids.

5. Brand you

Learning to swim is the perfect activity to add to your personal development.

6. Your mantra

I love the water!

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