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Five Life-Saving Water Safety Tips

Since the month of May is the ushering of warm weather throughout the United States, it is fittingly designated as National Drowning Prevention Month. According to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (, drowning is the 5th leading cause of unintentional injury deaths for all ages in the United States; and, 2nd leading cause of accidental death amongst children.

swim swim swim I Say teaches tots, children and adults swimming and water safety. What makes swim sssIS unique compared to other swimming companies is their Fear of Water to Loving the Water Swimming program. In addition, swim swim swim I Say, instructs individuals with special needs that most companies will not work with or have little experience working with.

Here are five life-saving tips to water safety…

1. Don’t panic

Floating on one’s back and treading water are great survival techniques; this allows the swimmer to conserve energy and be in a position to signal for help.

2. Don’t dive into water

It’s dangerous since you can’t see the bottom of the water, and accidents can happen including serious spinal injury.

3. Trust the help

Lifeguards are an important part of water safety. Only swim where lifeguards are present.

4. Get a buddy

Swimming is more fun when you have a partner, please don’t swim alone.

5. Invest in lessons

Swimming lessons, as noted by the Center of Disease Control, is the best prevention against drowning and staying safe.


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